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Suzuki GT750 clock faces

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 speedoHave been trying a number of different ideas for making myself a set of clock faces.

This one is the current favourite, I have painted the back of the Perspex the same colour as my petrol tank, engraved the letters and lines from the back and machined the two cutouts from the front and then sprayed painted the back silver so the letters appear through as silver.


Suzuki GT750 speedoThis option I have used 2mm white plastic sheet and covered in brown vinyl and then engraved the text and cutouts from the front.


Suzuki GT750 speedoHave turned the light on to see if it shines through the letters ok, this version only used clear perspex and not filled the text with paint


Suzuki GT750 speedoThis is an early test one, used a marker pen to fill in the text, just using as a coaster now.


If you need your clocks restored it is worth looking at Gauge restoration they provide and excellent service.


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Last updated .. 15 May, 2016