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Suzuki GT750

These pages cover the restoration of my Suzuki GT750B which I bought in 1983, it was off the road between 1986ish until July 2013, I have had it so I can ride up and down the back alley but not quite road legal, but as time has gone on I have changed my mind over the colours so stripped it down again and repainted everything.

I have made what I can out of stainless steel, including the rear foot pegs, cylinder head bolts, rear shock mounts.
In the photo below on the left it shows the seat I made from mild steel covered in fibre glass with a tail piece from Kawasaki Z550 which I use to own, but I have since bought a tail piece from a GS750 and also and original GT rear mudguard, have gone with the standard mudguard and tail light even though it makes it look longer, it looks ok on these old bikes.

The bike was finally MOT'ed in July 2013, have done just over 9000 miles since and it has got dirty quite a few times, which is not so good, but does clean up ok with a jet wash and polish.

Work done since Dec 2009 to Jun 2016

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Suzuki GT750

Above is how it has looked since the late 90's until stripped down in Dec 2009


Suzuki GT750 side panel

Suzuki GT750

Latest photo 02/06/14

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