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Suzuki GT750 front discTo separate the disc( rotor ) from the hub, the rivets on the front discs have had the heads on the hub side machined off on a lathe, using a hammer & centre punch, knock the remaining part of the rivets through the hole.

Suzuki GT750 front discThe discs have been drilled and the holes chamfered to help disperse water as the standard discs are useless for about 5 seconds in the wet. Once separated the disc can be put on a surface grinder and easily ground flat and remove any scoring.

Suzuki GT750 disc centreThe holes have been drilled on a radius and the pattern are positioned from a rivet hole so both disc hole patterns will match up when on the wheel, or should do if I have done my calculations right.


Suzuki GT750 disc centreThe disc centres have been stripped just need to sand blast, etch primer and powder coat in silver.

Suzuki GT750 front disc boltMachined 18 bolts to replace the rivets. These are stainless steel, M6 thread and shaft is 6.2mm which is the size drill I used to clean out the rivet holes.

Suzuki GT750 front brake dust seal ring Machined the brake caliper dust seal ring from stainless.

Suzuki GT750 front brake calliperThe dust seal ring is a push fit as is the original one and can be removed again with 2 screwdrivers gently prizing out from two sides.

Suzuki GT750 front brake pistonThe old pistons were a little pitted so had a go at making my own as not keen on the solid ones you can buy. Machined the brake caliper piston from stainless steel with a brass cap. Piston hollowed out and weight within 10 grams of original piston, the solid ones are about 220 grams heavier.

Suzuki GT750 front brake piston Press fitted the brass cap in to the piston

Suzuki GT750 front brakeNew seal is fitted, seal and piston smeared with brake fluid and piston should glide in with minimal effort.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque armStainless steel torque arm, made from 16mm tube and 5mm plate, stepped bung at each end, welded with stainless filler rods.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque armPolished and ready to fit.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque arm  

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020