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Suzuki GT750 Engine casings

Suzuki GT750 clutch casingThe clutch cover casing showing the the original oil filler hole, this is about 18.5mm diameter at the top which is the correct tapping size for M20 x 1.5 pitch.

Suzuki GT750 clutch casing while tappingTapping the oil filler M20 x 1.5 so I can have a screw in bung rather than the rubber push in one. Made an aluminium tube 29mm outside diameter and a 20 mm hole through the middle, This will help locate the tap true to the hole.

Suzuki GT750 clutch casing after tappingThis is after the hole has been tapped, just needs a bit of cleaning up.

Suzuki GT750 clutch casing

Suzuki GT750 clutch casing with brass oil filler bungClutch casing with the brass oil filler bung screwed in. Have to make a few adjustments to the bung so it finished screwing in the correct position.

Suzuki GT750 brass oil filler bungA brass oil filler bung I made in the late 80's.

Suzuki GT750 brass oil filler bungThis is the one I currently have on my bike, made from ally in 2012/2013, surprising how little effort is required to keep the bung looking nice, quick wipe with the cloth after cleaning the casings.

Suzuki GT750 toolSimple tube, but does the job.

Suzuki GT750 starter clutch casingJust finished polishing the left hand side engine casing.

Suzuki GT750 starter clutch casingIt is worth spending a few quid buying sheets of wet 'n' dry in varying grades from 320g to 1200g, depending on the job I also use velcro sanding discs prior to polishing with the buffing wheels. It helps if the metal is close to mirror polished before using the polisher as save holes being elongated and cornets over rounded.

Suzuki GT750 starter clutch casing

Where I get my polishing supplies from Metal Polishing Supplies

Last updated .. 26 October, 2020