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Suzuki GT750 chrome plating

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 head lightBought a NOS ( New Old Stock )head light shell and unfortunately the chrome wasn't up to much, so got it stripped. Polished myself and then got re-chromed at Calmac Metal Finishers in Gosport.

Suzuki GT750 head lightUsed a worn out polishing wheel to polish the round indent as it fitted inside OK without wearing the edges of the dip away.



Suzuki GT750 gear changerThe gear changer again was re-chromed at Calmac. The back is usually left as a cast finished but with a dremel sanded the back smooth and polished before chroming.

Suzuki GT750 side standSide stand, hole drilled to 12.5mm for a bronze bush.

Suzuki GT750 side standSide stand, bush presses in, the 1mm thick flange on the bush stops the chrome being worn away when the side stand is used.

Suzuki GT750 side standPolished the under side with a dremel and also a 4" wheel on the polisher. Chrome came out surprisingly good as usually yellow an a bit rough.

Suzuki GT750 side standThere is also a thin bronze washer on the back of the mounting plate.

Suzuki GT750 side standAll assembled.

Suzuki GT750 kick startKick start just back from the platers, the pin is stainless.


Last updated .. 26 October, 2020