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I have bought a set of stainless steel higgspeed exhausts, with cost of chroming now-a-days, for me make more sense.

One well known chroming companies in Ashford, quoted £600 to finish off the polishing and re-chrome, where higgspeed produce a set of stainless pipes for about £600 inc VAT.

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are sized around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsMachined up some stainless steel ends to go on a set of higgspeed, to allow the standard exhaust clamps to be used. Dave has welded them on the ends while making my pipes.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsExhausts fitted, polished up very nice.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhausts Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhausts



Original Allspeed exhausts, bought these new about 1983 for £70, the down pipes are double skinned and do have a few minor creases on the inside of the bend, but nothing too bad. These expansion chambers have a really nice sound, and improved the performance quite a lot as my original pipes I had where completely clogged up. Gibson's as they are now, still produce this style of short can pipe.



Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsDegreasing the exhaust, got rubber bungs that fitted in downpipe, poured gunk and shook it around to remove as much oil as possible, filled exhaust with a strong solution of caustic soda and left for about a week. Then the platers were happy strip the old chrome off and the old exhaust hangers have been removed.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsStarted by rubbing with 320 grit wet 'n' dry.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsWelded up some new hangers purchased from Gibson's but they do require bending and welding to suit.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsRoughly polished the exhausts before welding on the bracket.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsPolished and ready for chroming, I was intending on getting it copper plated first and then re-polished before the chrome but have been told by one company the copper plating is likely to blister on an exhaust ?

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhaustsI have cut the original end off and machined up a solid and as the original area was quite thin where the gasket seals where the inner skin didn't come up flush with the outer skin.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhausts endsMade some titanium ends for the Allspeed exhausts.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhausts endsPolished the 3 ends on the inside as well as the outside.

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhausts ends

Suzuki GT750 Allspeed exhausts hangersBefore I found that gibson's sold the original hangers I made a set out of stainless steel, but after speaking to the chrome platers they warned me that chrome doesn't often stick too well on stainless.


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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020