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Suzuki GT750 Frame

Frame and swinging arm has been sand blasted, zinc primer and powder coated in gloss black by a local Gosport company Plasticoat GB

I have also made a few cosmetic frame modifications, to the rear shock mounts, front petrol tank mounts.

Some of the photo's of the frame are a bit dusty as it has been covered in a flannelette sheet.

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 frameCut off and drilled out the petrol tank front mounts and welded a stainless bar with both ends tapped M4 so where the rubbers locate can be removed when painting and don't get rust on the back.

Suzuki GT750 frame

Suzuki GT750 frameThis shows the front petrol tank mount bolted on.

Suzuki GT750 swinging armI've cut off the original rear shock mounting bolts and welded in a stainless steel bush which the mount bar bolts on to.

Suzuki GT750 swinging armEasy removal of the rear shocks mounting bolts if they get damaged or just need polishing.

Suzuki GT750 swinging armMachined a series of lines on to stainless steel plates and brazed on to the swinging arm for better alignment with the custom adjusters, as the original alignment marks were over 1mm out of position.

Suzuki GT750 swinging arm

Suzuki GT750 frameCut the rear shock mounting bolt off the frame and welded in a stainless insert same as the swinging arm.

Suzuki GT750 frame

Suzuki GT750 shock mounting boltsThese are the stainless steel mounts for the rear shocks. They are a push fit in the frame and swinging arm and are bolted from the rear with mushroom headed allen bolts

Suzuki GT750 shock mounting boltsThe shorter mount is for the swinging arm and bolts on with 3 x M4 bolts, while the longer one bolts in to the frame with 4 x M3 bolts. I was a bit more limited for space on the insert that is welded into the frame.

Suzuki GT750 swinging arm

Suzuki GT750 frameThe original rear brake pedal bar has been cut off and a stainless bar that bolts through added. It is sightly smaller in diameter so the pedal can have a bronze bush inserted for a better fit as the original had a lot of play.

Suzuki GT750 frameThe front right hand foot peg bolt holes have been drilled out and stainless inserts welded in as the originals didn't line up too well.

Suzuki GT750 frame

Suzuki GT750 chain adjustersChain adjuster machined from stainless steel bar, they are slightly wider than standard to allow for the stainless alignment plate on the swinging arm.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020