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Suzuki GT750 Carburetors

With the standard air box on just the internal mesh removed I have main jets of 115 in all 3 carbs and 45 pilot jets, originally had 47.5 pilots in but it does splutter a little just opening the throttle at 2250 RPM, after a bit of reading and checking my old set of carbs found out the B should have 45's as the need on position 4 rather than position 3

I am about to try to fit the air jets aka anti-surge jets as now getting a bit of surging at lower revs, but the #45 pilots have made it a bit better at 2250 RPM

Air, pilot and main jets were bought from www.motocarb.co.uk

Air jets are Mikuni BS30/97 #0.8 or #0.9
Pilots are Mikuni BS30/96 #45
Main jets are Mikuni N102.221 #107.5 and #110 are standard #107.5 being for centre carb, with the higgspeed's and K&N's will be trying #120


Suzuki GT750 carbs sprayed in 2 pack primerJust sprayed the carburetors in 2 pack etch primer.

Suzuki GT750 carbsUsed 2 part brake caliper paint to spray the carb body metallic silver.

Suzuki GT750 carbuerettorsThe mounting bracket is made from solid brass, with mushroom headed allen bolts holding the carbs on.

Suzuki GT750 carburettorsThe tick over adjustment screw is made from stainless steel with a rubber O-ring in groove for grip.

Suzuki GT750 carburettorsAll the butterfly linkage has been machined off and the ends of the shafts drilled and tapped. Have had the shafts hard chromed and the linkage plates decorative chromed. They can easily be unbolted to re-chromed. Have also used mushroom/button headed allan bolts rather than the standard cap heads shown in photo.


Suzuki GT750 chokeSand blasted choke unit, had to mask up the back and made some M10 x 1mm inserts on a m4 bolt to blank threaded hole, and user to connect to earth wire on powder coater.

Suzuki GT750 chokeMade up to blank off choke assembly hole and make the powder coating easier.

Suzuki GT750 choke

Powder coated in a metallic silver

(colour Titanium )

Suzuki GT750 carbsFitted the choke assembly, polished the brass nut and smeared oil on the plunger, also a bit of grease on the oil seal.

Suzuki GT750 carbsThe butterfly has been temporarily removed. The vacuum pipe fitting has also been powder coated in

Suzuki GT750 carbsFitting the butterfly assembly after drilling the M4 holes in the end of the shaft. Using M3 mushroom headed allen bolts to hold in the brass flap. Applied thread lock to the bolts.

Suzuki GT750 carbsThe shaft has been tapped M4 and about 15mm deep.

Suzuki GT750 carbs

Suzuki GT750 carbsThe end plate has been bolted on with stainless steel allen bolt and washer.

Suzuki GT750 stainless carb bracketsHave had machined up some stainless steel carb brackets. They just need a threaded nut welded on the back for throttle cable, and the fingers bent slightly for the other cable.


Suzuki GT750 stainless carb bracketsHoles drilled out to 5.2mm 15 mins with the dremel and a bit of polishing.


Suzuki GT750 stainless carb bracketsWelded a stainless nut on the back for the return cable, and bent up the 2 fingers and polished.


Suzuki GT750 stainless carb bracketsWelded a stainless nut on the back for the return cable, and bent up the 2 fingers and polished.


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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020