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Nuts, bolts and washers

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are sized around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 union boltThese are stainless steel union bolts, used for the oil feed pipe, oil pump and radiator sub tank pipe #09360-06003

Have to sand and mirror polish each face of the hexagon, for the size they take ages.

Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsM12 x 50mm front foot peg bolts, made from stainless, my set were 5mm longer so the are flush with the inside of the frame, rather than stopping short so the end of the threaded hold fills with water or muck.


Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsMaking a few stainless front disc bolts, brake and clutch pivot bolts, rear exhaust bolts, front foot peg bolts and lots of the oil feed pipe banjo bolts.


Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque arm  boltsStainless steel torque arm bolt set for the GT750 #09111-10010 & #09101-10003

The top torque arm bolt in this photo has a 14mm spanner size, but with a flange.


Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsStainless steel rear sprocket bolts, used on the GT750 GT500 and GT380 original part number #09119-10002 superceded by #09105-10001


Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsI know you can't see the head of the bolt when fitted, but I had to polish all of it.


Suzuki GT750 stainless steel dome nutAll the stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers are sanded with wet 'n' dry and mirror polished

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel washerThe washer on the left has been sanded with dremel on the edge to get rid of the rough cut marks from where it was stamped out, then polished on all sides. But didn't clean my finger prints off for the photo.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel dome nutStainless spacers for the rear shocks. 5.2mm thick for the inner top and 3mm thick for the bottom outer and 5mm thick for top outer.

Suzuki GT750 turning allen boltsAll the allen bolts are machined on the head to remove the letter stamps and the rough surface, chamfered and then polished.

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel nutStainless steel rear wheel spindle nut.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020