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Suzuki GT750 oil pump

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

For information about the differences in the oil pumps used on the 750 models visit Pink Possum

Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsReproduction of the oil pump control rod olives for the GT750 LMAB models, CNC machined in the UK, from Teflon #16762-31210


Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsThe outside was profiled on the CNC lathe and the 2mm slot was machined on the CNC mill.


Suzuki GT750 oil pumpThe original cast finish on the oil pump.

Suzuki GT750 oil pumpBolted on a spare top and blanked off the bottom of pump, used a dremel with a small sanding drum on and smoothed out the rough cast finish, and lightly sand blasted.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump in 2PK primerSprayed 2 pack etch primer with an air brush.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump in blueCoated in metallic blue, Caribbean blue to match the petrol tank. Only painted in cellulose paint but would now have powder coated with new powder coating system.

Replaced the top gasket on assembly as usually gets damaged taking the top off.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump fittedBolted on the crankcase, The top has been sand blasted and clear lacquered.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump in blue

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel bleed screwMade a new oil pump bleed screw from a M5 stainless steel allen bolt to replace the standard phillips bleed screw.

Suzuki GT750 check valveOil feed pipe check valve stripped down for cleaning and refurbish as it was leaking, will try to sort out a page explaining how to dismantle.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump gasketHave had a few hundred of these made up now from 0.4mm gasket paper

Suzuki GT750 oil pumpAlways good to have a few spares.

Suzuki GT750 oil pumpGasket is a perfect fit on the pump, the company did an excellent job, accurate to within 0.1mm

Last updated .. 26 October, 2020