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Most of these were taken in the 80's

Suzuki GT750

Suzuki GT750 barrels

Suzuki GT750

Kawazaki Z550 tyre burn outBurning out an old tyre on my Kawasaki Z550

Z550 tyre burn out

Z550 tyre burn out

Z550 tyre burn outThis was taken near my old school, Fareham Park.

Z550 tyre burn out

Suzuki GT750 frame in living roomYes the bike was in the living room, I wouldn't get away with it these days.

Suzuki GT750 engine

Suzuki GT750 barrels

Stopped by the policeExplaining to the police why I am not wearing a helmet.

I wear a scarf on my head for religious reasons, honest guv.

Riding without a helmet from kentJust on my way back from Kent Custom Bike show after getting my helmet stolen, and something like 3 left gloves from the other guys.

Stopped by the police again no helmet

On a Triumph with no helmet

Just back from Ken Custom bike showJust got back from Kent custom bike show in 1986, outside what use to be the Heathfield pub in Fareham, spent most of my nights there with the boys.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020