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Suzuki GT750 Suspension

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 front wheelStainless steel fork spring spacers, tapped M8 to allow easier removal and fitting.

Click for drawing.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelScrew in a bolt to help fit or remove the spring spacer. Easier than it jamming and then shooting out and taking an eye out.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelScrew-in fork stanchion top made from ally with a M8 tapped hole.

Suzuki GT750 front wheel

Suzuki GT750 front wheelWith a M8 stainless stud to screw in to spring spacer above.

Suzuki GT750 Marzocchi shocksMarzocchi's stripped prior to sandblasting. Made up some aluminium bungs to stop the paint going in the where the rubber mounts will go.

Suzuki GT750 Marzocchi shocks

Suzuki GT750 Marzocchi shocksJust rebuilt the Marzocchi AG Strada. The springs were nylon coated and the body sand blasted and etch primed at Plasticoat and I've sprayed the top coat on the body to match the metallic blue of the tank. The 'C' shaped clip that holds the spring in place and the air reservoir cap are both made from stainless, the reservoir cap was my first bit of screw thread cutting on my lathe.

Suzuki GT750 shock capCap for reservoir.

Suzuki GT750 Marzocchi shocks



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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020