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Click the photos below for full sized images, about 1200 x 900 resolution.

Axminster CNC latheCNC lathe, arrived late December 2014

Both the lathe and mill was purchased from Axminster tools

Axminster CNC latheCNC milling, arrived late December 2014

Warco latheThis is my Warco WMT300/1 which I bought in 2003.

Warco latheSmall indexing chuck able to go to 0.1 degrees, I have only used it for 60 degree increments when machining heads of nuts and bolts.

Suzuki GT750 powdercoating ovenDIY powder coating oven, not essential but very handy to have. More info here

Warco latheMetal polisher, this one is home made used a washing machine motor I think, I have had this for the last 20 years or so and still doing an excellent job.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020