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Alloy wheel rims and stainless steel spokes from Central Wheels

The front rims size is 19 x 2.15 36 Hole Morad TC and for the rear a 18 x 3.00 36 Hole Morad TC, slightly larger than standard size as I intend to have 100/90 tyre on the front and a 120/90 on the rear and the 120 is slightly too big for stock rim.

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel hubSkimming the brake lining on the rear hub to remove any scoring. Turned down a piece of brass to locate in the bearing and the other end centred to allow the tail-stock to keep the hub pressed against the chuck jaws while machining.

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel hubOnly needed to do a light skim to clean up the lining.

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel hubHub has been sandblasted, and then the back of the drum polished with a small wire brush on a dremel.

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel hubRear hub ready to be powder coated. Made aluminium plates to block the holes, hopefully keep most of the powder coating from going on the brake lining.


Suzuki GT750 rear wheel hub

Suzuki GT750 front wheel hubFront hub ready for blasting. Made some ally plates to keep paint off the area where the disks bolt on.

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel hubPowder coated the hub, the colour is titanium, basically a metallic silver.

Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket hubRear sprocket carrier after a bit of polishing.

Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket hubUsing an aluminium drift to put in the bearing.

Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket hub

Suzuki GT750 speedo drive powder coatedJust powder coated the speedo drive, was unsure if the rubber seal would withstand the heat but it seemed to be ok and it is still flexible. All the other internal parts were removed and degreased before baking.


Suzuki GT750 front wheelThe alloy rims and stainless steel spokes have just arrived from Central wheels, will update with the and have fitted them, just finish off truing up the wheel.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelThe alloy rims arrived polished and only needed a bit of de-burring where the spoke holes were drilled.

Suzuki GT750 front wheel stainless steel spokes

Suzuki GT750 front wheelWheel finished with a Bridgestone BT45, not used these tyres before.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelI have always used Dunlop arrow max on my GT and my old Z550. These Bridgestones are supposed to be the best tyre for a GT, will be good to see how good they are.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelThe rear wheel 3" x 18" alloy rim with a 120/90 Bridgestone.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelRim polished up as good as chrome, hopefully stay like it for a while.

Suzuki GT750 front wheelSpokes need a bit of polishing, but worth doing as you can see more of them than on the front wheel wheel the disks are there.


Suzuki GT750 stainless steel spokesStainless steel spokes from Central Wheels, example of the inner and outer spokes.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel spokesThis is the standard polished spokes as supplied.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel spokeThe end has been lightly sanded with a fine sanding drum on a dremel and a little bit of polishing they come up as good as chrome.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel spokeAll of the spokes have been polished by hand, probably takes 1.5 - 2 hours to do the set of 36.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsSpeedo drive dust plate, machines from 100mm x 100mm x 10mm ally plate.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel tab washersStainless steel speedo drive dust plate and stainless tab washers fitted.

Suzuki GT750 stainless tab washersStainless steel speedo drive dust plate and stainless tab washers fitted.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020