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Ghost Rider Tattoo

My first tattoo started on 1st june 2010, this was done at Inklination in Gosport.
Click the images below for full sized picures most are sized around 1200 x 700

ghost rider tattooThey have hand drawn the outline with felt tip type pens, this took about an hour.

Ghost rider 2The outline and some shading has been done, couple of hours work.

ghost rider tattooThis is the second visit, they have gone over the shading some more and added a bit of colour, just need one more visit before it is complete.

ghost rider tattooStraight from the tattooist after the final session.

ghost rider tattoo 5This is after about 7 hours of work in total.

ghost rider tattoo 5Got the flames topped up as they lost some of the brightness over a few months. I don't seem to keep the yellows too well but hopefully okay this time.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020