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Ajax Euroturn CNC lathe

Currently waiting on delivery of a new Ajax Euroturn 200 ( AJEU 200 ) with a 1m bed, it is being modified to have the optional 8 turret tool changer at Ajax in Lymington, basic machine on the Ajax website can be seen here

Click the photos below for full sized images, about 1200 x 900 resolution.

Axminster CNC latheWent to Ajax site to see the machine I have ordered. It was in the process of being comissioned and waiting delivery of the 8 station turret, rather than the 4 post turret that is standard one this model.

This machine is 2.2m long 0.88m wide and weighgs about 1300kg, has a 5.5hp 3 phase electric motor for the spindle

Axminster CNC latheSiemans 808D controller, I have not used one of these controllers before looking at this machine, as normally do ISO progromming of all of my parts, but downloaded the PC simulator and seems quite nice to use, but not as much functionality as the high end controllers, but a lot more than I have been use to.

Axminster CNC latheSiemans controller

Axminster CNC lathe8 station turret


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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020