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Route 66 on a Harley

On the 9th June 2015 three of us flew over to Chicago Illinois to start a 22 days self guided tour of the legendary Route 66, we hired out 2 harley's from Eagle rider. Traveled through 8 states and 3 time zones

Slowly updating the pages to show some of the 1800 photos taken.

Heathrow airportSat at Heathrow airport waiting for plane to start boarding

Heathrow airportView from the airoplane window as approaching lake Michigan, I think ????

Started at Chicago in Illinois and ended at Santa Monica Pier in California.






New Mexico




Until recently, I wasn't aware, with an Android mobile, Google timeline plots where you go each day, doesn't matter if you drive walk or ride a bike. The data is only visible to the person who's google's account it is. I have extracted the data and used it to create the maps below.

You can zoom in on the maps, drag the person in the bottom right to anywhere on the map and use Google street view to see what's there, also click on most of the hotels or attractions and view them, but need to be zoomed in to see.

Some places I think the positioning is not 100% but within say 50 - 100 meters.

Day 1 Taxi ride to pick up the Harley's at Eagle rider in Joliet road just outside Chicago, only 18 miles away from hotel, but the taxi driver didn't have a clue where he was going, we had to get a sat nav out.

Day 2 Ride up to Milwaukee to the Harley museum and then back to stay in Joliet town.

Day 3 Joliet to Lincoln, then back to find a hotel in Atlanta for the night.

Day 4 Atlanta to Carlinville for the night, about 92 miles

Day 5 Carlinville to Sullivan stopping off at St Louis

Day 6 Sullivan to Springfield, about 150 miles

Day 7 Springfield to Claremore, about 180 miles

Day 8 Claremore to Stroud, about 90 miles

Day 9 Stroud to Weatherford

Day 10 Weatherford to McLean

Day 11 McLean to Tucumcari

Day 12 Tucumcari to Sky City Casino in Acoma

Day 13 Acoma to Lexington Inn at Holbrook, Arizona

Day 14 Holbrook to Flagstaff, about 100 miles

Day 15 Flagstaff, detour to Tusayan ( Grand Canyon )

Day 16 Tusayan back to Flagstaff

Day 17 Flagstaff to Kingman

Day 18 Kingman to Needles

Day 19 Needles to Barstow

Day 20 Barstow to Monrovia

Day 21 Monrovia to Santa Monica Pier, the end of Route 66, then went to last hotel in Studio City.


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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020