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Suzuki GT750

Fork related parts which I have made from stainless, also tried making the fork ears but first attempt didn't come out too good so have put that on hold for a while.

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 fork braceThought I would have a go at making myself a fork brace, not using the standard dust seals but trying a lower profiled set as they are long enough to pass through the fork brace and just fit in the end of the lower leg which will stop any moisture entering the fork bottom where the two clamps fit together, as there is often a small gap.

Suzuki GT750 fork braceThe bridge plate the Suzuki S is cut through but have several other designs which once I have fitted the brace I can make and test.

The 2 clamps I machined on my CNC mill, have some photos of the making of it here.


Suzuki GT750 fork braceLeft hand side clamp on, only resting the dust seal on for the moment until I take the forks out to fit the new low profile seals.

Suzuki GT750 fork brace

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel bottom yoke coverThe bottom yoke covers stainless.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel yoke coverMachining the top part of the yoke covers, this will be welded in a tube.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel head light bracketMachining the cutout in the yoke cover

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel head light bracketFinished polishing the stainless steel yoke cover. And the lower headlamp bracket cap.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020