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Custom made GT750 parts

Click the images for full sized pictures most are sized around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 stainless master cylinder plateStainless steel engine brackets with the Suzuki S, #41591-31000 & #41590-31200

Suzuki GT750 water pipe connector.Made from stainless and mirror polished. Had to tap the head to remove the taper thread so now 3/8" BSP rather than BSPT


Suzuki GT750 front brake dust seal ring Machined the brake caliper dust seal ring from stainless, the original one was bent and rusty so had to go.

Suzuki GT750 front brakePiston and dust seal ring fitted. Just need the dust seal.

Suzuki GT750 front brake pistonThe brake caliper piston is made from stainless with a brass cap. Piston hollowed out and within 10 grams of original piston.


Suzuki GT750 front brake piston Press fitted the brass cap in to the piston. Total weight is 180g some other third party solid stainless pistons are 280g or more per piston, but could easily get a bit lighter.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel head light bracketFinished polishing the stainless steel yoke cover. And the lower headlamp bracket cap.

Suzuki GT750 torque arm boltFinished machining the torque arm bolt, just leaves a rub with wet 'n' dry and polishing.


Suzuki GT750 foot pegI made these rear foot pegs about 18 years, they are machined from stainless steel bar.

Suzuki GT750 foot pegJust finished polishing the rear pegs.

Suzuki GT750 foot pegThese two pics were taken before I polished and cleaned the rubbers.

Suzuki GT750 foot peg

Suzuki GT750 chain adjustersChain adjusters, again made these years ago from a block of stainless steel.

Suzuki GT750 chain adjusters Probably took about 6 hours to make the pair, and about 2 hours to polish.

Suzuki GT750 chain adjusters

Suzuki GT750 titanium wheel spindleTitanium rear wheel spindle, ground and thread rolled. Also have made the front wheel spindle out of titanium

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel spacerRear wheel spacer, polished stainless.

Suzuki GT750 breather pipeThe crankcase breather pipe has been drilled and tapped and an insert is screwed in with a small diameter hole through to try to stop water getting in the gearbox when jet washing.

Suzuki GT750 rear shock mountsThese are the stainless steel mounts for the rear shocks. They are a push fit in the frame and swinging arm and are bolted from the rear with mushroom headed allen bolts. See the Frame section

Suzuki GT750 rear shock mountsThe shorter mount is for the swinging arm and bolts on with 3 x M4 bolts, while the longer one bolts in to the frame with 4 x M3 bolts. I was a bit more limited for space on the insert that is welded into the frame.

Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsStainless steel bolt for the rear sprocket.

Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsI know you can't see them when they are on the bike but they still have to be polished.

Milling Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsMilling the square on the end of the sprocket bolts.

Suzuki GT750 AG strada capThe cap for the air reservoir on the Marzocchi AG strada's.

Suzuki GT750 oil plugMade a brass oil filler plug that screws in to the clutch side engine casing to replace the original push in rubber one. The casing also needed to be tapped.

Suzuki GT750 oil plug

Suzuki GT750 clutch casingTapped the oil filler hole in the clutch casing M20 x 1.5

The Original hole is the correct tapping size for this thread.

Suzuki GT750 oil plugI have also made an oil filler plug out of aluminium, I am just machining the angles on the side used to grip when screwing in the plug.

Suzuki GT750 water bypassStainless steel water bypass hose connector.

Suzuki GT750 water bypass.I know you can't see it but still needs to look good.

Suzuki GT750 rear brake pedal shaftThe rear brake pedal shaft has been sawn off and drilled a 10.5 mm hole through. This shaft bolts on to the frame. More photos can be seen here.

Suzuki GT750 rear brake pedal shaftThis shaft is 4mm under sized, this allows for a brass bush to be inserted in to the brake pedal. The end is tapped M6. When the brake pedal is on a grease nipple can be fitted and filled with grease. Then the nipple is removed and end cap is bolted on.

Suzuki GT750 engine spacerStainless steel engine mount spacers, 16mm bar drilled trough 10.2mm, just need polishing.


Suzuki GT750 engine spacerPolished and ready to fit.

Suzuki GT750 engine mount boltStainless steel engine mounting bolts. Made from 316 stainless.


Suzuki GT750 rear wheel nutMirror polished, M10 x 1.25 thread.

Suzuki GT750 rear wheel nutStainless steel rear wheel nut. To see pics of making click here.

Suzuki GT750 speedo drive dust plateSpeedo drive dust plate, machined from 100mm x 100mm x 10mm ally plate.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque armStainless steel torque arm, made from 16mm tube and 5mm plate, stepped bung at each end, welded with stainless filler rods.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque armPolished and ready to fit.

Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque arm


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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020