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What I am working on at the moment

This is what I am currently or have been working on recently, I usually have lots of partly finished jobs on the go at the same time.

Most of the parts I work on are for the Suzuki GT750 and shared on other GT models, but have recently made a few items like the fuel tap bowls below for the Kawasaki H1 500 and H2 750.

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750air filter gasketSuzuki GT750 stainless steel front wheel spindle

Part number 54711-33002

Suzuki GT750air filter gasketThis also fits the Suzuki GT550 GT500 GT380 GT250 GS750

Fitted on 75 models

Suzuki GT750air filter gasketSuzuki GT750 stainless steel rear wheel spindle

Part number 64711-31000

Suzuki GT750air filter gasketSuzuki GT750 stainless steel rear wheel spindle after a bit of polishing.

Suzuki GT750air filter gasketAir filter gaskets, water jet cut from adhesive backed Neoprene/EPDM sponge

They can be stuck to the air box or the air filter cage.

Suzuki GT750 air filter gasketPeel off the paper strip and stick with the self adhesive area.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump oliveOil pump control rod olives for the GT750 LMAB models, CNC machined from Teflon #16762-31210

Made about 150 of these so far, surprised how popular they have been.


Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsProfiled on the CNC lathe and the 2mm slot was machined on the CNC mill.


Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsMade a few of the M12 x 50mm front foot peg bolts from stainless, made my set 5mm longer so the are flush with the inside of the frame, rather than stopping short so the end of the threaded hold fills with water or muck.



Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsMaking a few stainless front disc bolts, brake and clutch pivot bolts, rear exhaust bolts, front foot peg bolts and lots of the oil feed pipe banjo bolts.


Suzuki GT750 stainless boltsJust part of the batch of oil feed pipe banjo bolts, need to machine the hexagon on some of them and drill the hole in the side.


Suzuki GT750 choke linkage ( stainless )Machined from solid some stainless steel choke linkage plates for CV carbs on the GT750 LMAB models. The slot where the choke lever pin locates is made slightly thicker to hopefully lessen the wear on this area as the choke is used.


Suzuki GT750 choke linkage ( stainless )Fitted on the choke shaft, the tab washer is a stainless reproduction, will finish of the stainless shafts and stainless choke lever shortly.


Suzuki GT750 fork braceThought I would have a go at making myself a fork brace, not using the standard dust seals but trying a lower profiled set as they are long enough to pass through the fork brace and just fit in the end of the lower leg which will stop any moisture entering the fork bottom where the two clamps fit together, as there is often a small gap.


Suzuki GT750 fork braceThe bridge plate the Suzuki S is cut through but have several other designs which once I have fitted the brace I can make and test.

Making of the fork brace can be seen here

Suzuki T20 fuel tap / petcock  bowlReproduction fuel tap bowl aka. petcock bowl for a Suzuki T20, really large compared with the GT ones, this has an M36 thread compared to the M30 on the GT bowl. I have put a magnet in the same as the GT ones.

Suzuki T20 fuel tap / petcock  bowlSuzuki T20 bowl, just waiting on on me machining the hexagon and a bit of polishing.

Suzuki GT750 union boltThese are stainless steel union bolts, used for the oil feed pipe, oil pump and radiator sub tank pipe #09360-06003

Suzuki GT750 union boltThey are mirror polished and being stainless will not tarnish or go rusty.

Suzuki GT750 clutch spannerMade up a few of these clutch basket spanner in aluminium to lock the clutch basket when tightening up the centre nut, in the past I have always used bits of ally plate wedged in, may be taking the engine out over the winter so get a chance to use it.



Suzuki GT750 carb bowl drain plugThese have a 12mm flange on the hexagon and a 8.2mm step to locate the copper washer central and the flange gives a better area to seal.

Suzuki GT750 carb bowl drain plugThe brass drain plugs for the BS40 CV carbs fitted, better sealing than the originals, copper washers still need to be annealed.

Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsStainless steel rear sprocket bolts, used on the GT750 GT500 and GT380 original part number #09119-10002 superceded by #09105-10001


Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsI know you can't see the head of the bolt when fitted, but I had to polish all of it.


Suzuki GT750 rear sprocket boltsStainless steel top torque arm bolt for the GT750. Have made 2 types one with the spanner size 17mm with a flange and other with 14mm as didn't like the 14mm A/F original

This is the 17mm A/F version


Suzuki GT750 stainless steel torque arm  boltsStainless steel torque arm bolt set for the GT750 #09111-10010 & #09101-10003

The top torque arm bolt in this photo has a 14mm spanner size, but with a flange.


Kawasaki KH750 fuel tap bowlFuel tap bowl for a Kawasaki KH750 & KH500

The one on the right is the original one, not too bad condition considering the age.


Kawasaki KH750 fuel tap bowlThe fuel tap bowls also have the magnets in the base like the one I made for the Suzuki GT's


Kawasaki KH750 fuel tap bowlThe magnet after it has been pressed in to the recess, the magnets are really brittle so have to machine the recess accurately as can not put any force on the magnet.


Suzuki GT750 GT550 GT500 GT380 GT250 fuel tap bowlsJust missing from the photo is the shallow bowl made from aluminium.

Can see me machining it on youtube Click here

Can see more fuel tap bowls here

Suzuki GT750 fuel tap spacerCNC machined the aluminium fuel tap spacer 44380-31250 mainly used on the GT's KLMA models I think

Suzuki GT750 fuel tap spacerCurrently testing some sample fuel tap seals that I have had made from fuel resistant rubber.

Suzuki GT750 start motor cover gasketReplacement rubber gasket for the starter motor cover

Suzuki GT750 start motor cover gasketThese are CNC machined for me by a company in the UK, really please how well they have come out.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump gasket The gasket for the oil pump top, not sure if Suzuki has sold separately before or just not sold for a long time, tried making them from copper, but unfortunately the copper did not seal as well as expected, so back to paper ones.

Suzuki GT750 oil pump gasketThese gaskets 16110-31010 also fit the GT550 and GT380 currently have about 80 left, always handy to have.

Suzuki GT750 stainless master cylinder plateStainless steel chain adjusters, dimensionally the same as the original chain adjusters but has a thicker plate and the end for the thread,

61410-31000 superseded by 61410-31001

Suzuki GT750 stainless master cylinder plateStainless steel chain adjusters, with the Suzuki S in the hole, same size as originals.

61410-31000 superseded by 61410-31001

Suzuki GT750 stainless master cylinder plateStainless steel engine brackets with the Suzuki S, #41591-31000 & #41590-31200

Suzuki GT750 stainless master cylinder plateStainless steel front wheel torque arm tab washers for GT750J GT550J and GT380J

Suzuki GT750 master cylinder temperure gaugePerspex temperature gauge face, using same colour as my petrol tank.

Suzuki GT750 temp gauge

Suzuki GT750 oil pump gasketMachined a oil pump top gasket from copper sheet to replace the paper ones that usually get damaged when removing the top. Have about 5 oil pumps that need new gaskets and the paper ones costing bout £6 thought would give it a try

Suzuki GT750 oil pumpGasket has been annealed before fitting by heating to a cherry red and quenched in cold water.

Can see more oil pump info here

Suzuki GT750 master cylinder plateStainless steel master cylinder reservoir plate, thought it would be a nice touch to have the Suzuki 'S' instead of a plain hole.

Suzuki GT750 master cylinder plateMade 2 versions, one looking the same as the original

Suzuki GT750 swinging arm endJust finished machining a pair of stainless swinging arm ends. Not tried fitting them yet.


Suzuki GT750 rad grillFirst attempt at a custom radiator grill, made from 1mm stainless. the next version I have adjusted a few of the dimensions to make 8mm wider and increased a few bits to fill in some gaps.

Suzuki GT750 rad grillFitted the first version until v2 is ready.

Suzuki GT750 petrol tankRe-sprayed my petrol tank in Caribbean blue (cellulose ) and 2K clear lacquer also put on the gold and black tank strips, which not perfect hasn't come out too bad for a first attempt.

Suzuki GT750 speedoCustom clock faces

Can see more by clicking here

Suzuki GT750 stainless engine bracketsStainless steel engine brackets. Stainless M8 square nuts welded on the back, brake light switch facing down.


Suzuki GT750 stainless engine bracketsTwo versions, this one shows the rear brake light switch bracket up, the same as the original

Suzuki GT750 stainless fuel tap plateStainless steel fuel tap plates, this one is A/B models.

I think this one is also used on the early GS's

Suzuki GT750 stainless fuel tap plateThis version of the fuel tap plate is usually for the LMA models.

From what I can gather this one changed half way through the A model to the one on the left.

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Last updated .. 26 October, 2020